At the  earlier  stage, the IBM PC employed  an Intel 8088  16/8 bit microprocessor.  The IBM PC was fast, power full flexible and priced  within  the range of most individuals.  The public soon became aware of the tremendous possibilities of the PC  and the micro computer quickly advanced from a simple game machine to an office  tool with a seemingly endless range of advanced personal  and business applications.

    In 1983,  IBM added a small  hard  disk drive to the PC and introduced  the Extended Technology 
   (PC-XT ) version.

In 1984,  IBM introduced  the Advanced  Technology  PC to AT.  The AT used  a true 16 bit microprocessor  from Intel, called the 80286. The wider dada bus increased the speed  of the computers  operation,  just because  the 80286 could transfer  and process twice as much data at a time as the 8088 could.
The AT architecture  established  industry  standards for the following :
1. Expansion bus
2. System  addressing
3. Peripheral addressing
4.system resource allocations.

      *******    PC  HAVE   TWO    PARTS :

      1. Hardware

      2. Software
PC Systems:
  The PC is called a system because it includes all the components  require  to have a functional computer....
     1. INPUT DEVICES : keyboard, mouse.
     2. COMPUTER : System Unit
     3. OUTPUT DEVICES: LCD monitor
          And printer.

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