Laser printer


Laser printer

Laser Printer is a kind of printer that makes use of a laser beam to supply a picture on a drum. 

The drum is coated with a photosensitive plastic, which is given a adverse electrical cost over its floor. 

The sunshine of the laser alters the Laser Printer electrical cost on the drum wherever it hits.

The modulated laser beam creates spots on the rotating drum. The spots written by the laser tackle a constructive electrical cost.

A negatively charged toner materials is interested in the positively charged.
written areas of the drum. T

he paper is fed previous the rotating drum and the toner is transferred to the paper.

 A pair of compression rollers and a high  - temperature lamp fuses the toner to the paper. Thus, the , written on the drum by the laser, is transferred to the paper.

As a result of a whole web page is transmitted to a drum earlier than the toner is utilized, laser printers are sometimes called page printers. 

Larger laser printers produce characters at a rate of 20,000 lines per minute.

One of the principal characteristics of laser printers is their resolution ie, how many dots per inch (dpi) they lay down. 

The obtainable resolutions vary from 300 dpi on the low finish to 1,200 dpi on the excessive finish.

The standard monochrome laser printer uses a single toner.Then again,coloration laser printers use 4 toners to print in full coloration. 

Color laser printers tend to be about five to ten times more expensive than monochrome laser printer.

Laser printers produce very high-quality print and are able to printing an virtually limitless number of fonts.

 Most laser printers include a primary set of fonts, which is named inside or resident fonts. 

We can also add additional fonts in one of the two ways:

1. By adding Font cartridges:

Laser printers have slots in which we can insert font cartridges and ROM boards on which  fonts have been recorded. 

The benefit of font cartridges is that they use not one of the printer's reminiscence.

2. By loading Soft fonts:

All laser printers come with a certain amount of RAM memory, and we will
Often enhance the quantity of reminiscence by including reminiscence boards within the printer's growth slots. 

We can then copy fonts from a disk to the printer's RAM. This is called downloading fonts. A font that has been downloaded is sometimes called a delicate font.

In addition to text, laser printers are very efficient at printing graphics. 

However, need significant amounts of memory in the printer to print high-resolution graphics. 

To print a full-page graphic at 300 dpi, for example, we need at least 1 MB (megabyte) of printer RAM. For a 600-dpi graphic, it is at least 4 MB RAM.

Laser-Printer Components:-
The laser printers have the following six stages of operations:

 2. Conditioning
 6. Fusing

To perform these aims, all laser printers possess the next logical blocks:

1. Power supply
2.Control board
3. Laser-writing unit
4.Drum unit
5.Fusing assembly
6.Paper -feed motor and gear train.
7.System  sensors.
8.Control panel board.

The laser printer's power-supply unit is the most complex arrangement in any type of printer. It must deliver AC power to the following units:

1. Fuser unit: This unit requires power for its fusing heaters and image-erase

2. Drum unit: The power supply also delivers a high-voltage DC supply (+1000V DC) to the toner-transfer mechanisms in the drum area.

 The high voltages are used to create the static charges required to move toner from
one component to another.

3. Scanning and paper-handling unit: Finally, the power-supply unit must
deliver DC operating voltages to the scanning and paper-handling motors,
as well as to the digital electronic circuitry on the control board.

The control board contains all the circuitry required to operate the printer and to control its many parts. 

It receives control signals from the computer and formats the data to be printed. The control board also monitors the conditions within the printer and responds to input from its various sensors.

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